Math Strategy Handouts
Click on the link below that matches the order of operation that you are intested in. Please remember these are strategies that we reinforce in the classroom that promote numerical reasoning and mental math skills. These strategies help explain the age old question of WHY that most of us asked and did not understand when we were in school. Your child may not use all of these strategies. By developing a strong sense of numerical reasoning, your child will be able to identify and use the strategy that is the most efficient to him/her. These strategies will benefit your child when paper/pencil or a calculator is not available. They also help children make sense of math and nurture mathematical thinking. These strategies will be easy for your children, if they have the basic foundation in place. This foundation is that they are fluent to 10 and 20 in additon. I will be assessing your children for fluency to 10 and 20 and will be sharing the results with you, along with suggestions to accomplish this if it is needed. I will keep you updated about these strategies in our class newsletter.

Math Fluency Practice

Use these documents to have your child practice their addition fact fluency.

Fluency Cards

external image pdf.png Fluency to 10 CARDS FOR PARENTS.pdf

external image pdf.png Fluency to 20 CARDS FOR PARENTS.pdf

Multiplication Practice