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__Discovery Education__ Basic Math Tutorial Videos


Cool Math - Free math games and activities. Try to multiplication facts games.
Math-drills - Free math worksheets with answer keys. These are great for at-home practice. Ask your child to show you a variety of strategies.
Math Flucney Practice-Practice fluency to 10
Math Playground-Free Math games
Number Sense Activities
Math Flashcard Practice
Math Games-Skunk
Think Link Probes
Virtual Manipulatives
WolfRamAlpha Math Problem Solver
The Online World of Math
Math Goodies- Free Math lessons and worksheets

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Vocabulary Practice - Choose the Green Level for 3rd grade vocabulary games and activities.
Time for Kids
Eduplace Reading Practice
Vocabulary game (Free Rice)
Arranging Text to make a story
Reading Comprehension Passages/Questions
Reading Comprehension Connection
Kaboose Reading Games
Online Reading Comprehension Test
More Reading Comprehension Practice
Mr. Nussbaum's Reading

Writing a letter
Acrostic Poetry Generator
Concrete Poetry Generator
Shape Poetry Genorator
Mask Poetry Generator
Figurative Language
Poetry 4 Kids
Giggle Poetry
Children's Poetry Archives
Poems for Children-The Classics
NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

Language Study

Language Practice by Skill
Eduplace Language Practice
Grammar Zoo
The Wide World of Verbs

Simple Machines-Edhead
Simple Machines
Weather Wiz Kids
The Weather Dude

Social Studies

Explorers Thinkquest


Spelling Lab

- This is a spelling website. There are practice activities for your child to use. Feel free to explore.


PBS Parents-Home Education

“Let’s Keep Talking . . . To Keep Kids Drug Free”-Parent Tip of the Week (There is a Tip for Teens, and a Tip for Elementary students on the link.)